What is E.A.T.?
E.A.T. stands for Employee Appreciation Trade and is a gift card exchange between local restaurants. The goal of the program is to offer out of work restaurant employees free meals, and the exchange gives them a variety of options. For every gift card donated, you will receive one to another participating business.


Are you a business that is interested in participating in E.A.T.?
There is no minimum donation required, just keep the gift cards at a $20 value. For every gift card donated you will receive one to a business of your choice. Contact erik@downtownsb.org if you would like to participate!


Would you like to donate money to the program?
No donation is too small! All funds donated will be used to buy $20 gift cards that will be distributed to out of work restaurant employees in an effort to put more money into our local economy. Click the button below to donate!



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