Downtown Business Spotlight is a virtual interview series hosted by the Santa Barbara Independent and Downtown Santa Barbara, where we chat and get to know our Santa Barbara business owners.


1/21/2021: Cuisines from Many Cultures

Join Matt Kettmann in conversation with Ninder Josan (Apna), Charlotte Andersen (Andersen’s Danish Bakery & Restaurant), Daniel Yoshimi & Jennifer Yannella (Brasil Arts Café) as they discuss their different restaurants.

Thursday, 1/28, 3 PM Live on Zoom
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1/21/2021: Heads in Beds

Join Tyler Hayden in conversation with Chris Cline (Canary Hotel), Warren Nocon (Hotel Californian), and Paul Bullock (The Eagle Inn) as they discuss the downtown hotel scene.


Thursday, 1/21, 3 PM Live on Zoom
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1/14/2021: Food & Drink: Side Street Stars


Hear Matt Kettmann in conversation with Ruben Perez (Black Sheep), Mitchell Sjerven (Bouchon), and Tony Arroyo (Los Arroyos) as they discuss their restaurants off State Street.


1/7/2021: New Year's Resolutions: Taking Care of Mind, Body, and Soul

Hear Robin Elander in conversation with Adrienne Smith (Power of Your Om), and Mikki Reilly (Fitness Transform) as they discuss taking care of your mind, body, and soul.


12/17/2020: Home Goods: Getting Cozy at Home

Hear Robin Elander in conversation with Jorja La Barre (Celadon House), and John & Sherine Leenhouwers (Prop and Décor & Tent Merchant) as they discuss getting cozy at home.


12/10/2020: Shopping Local for the Holidays

Join Robin Elander in conversation with Nancy Burgner & Peter Gaum (Lovebird)Beau Lawrence (Ace Rivington), and Nicki Horne (Peanuts Maternity & Kids) as they discuss shopping local for the holidays.


12/3/2020: Future of Live Music

Join Charles Donelan in conversation with Rick Boller (Santa Barbara Bowl) and David Asbell (Lobero Theatre) as they discuss the future of live music.


11/19/2020: Design Insight from the Past and Present

Join Bob Stout in conversation with Lynne Tahmisian (La Arcada) and Dawn Sherry (Sherry & Associates Architects) as they discuss design insights from the past and present.


11/12/2020: New Ideas in Old Town

Join Tyler Hayden in conversation with Jason Harris (City of Santa Barbara) and Barrett Reed (Miramar Group).


11/5/2020: Food & Drink: Dinner & Dessert

Hear Matt Kettmann in conversation with David Lee (Creamistry) and Nuri Monahan (Intermezzo / Wine Cask).


10/29/2020: How Can Design Help State Street?

Hear Tyler Hayden in conversation with Brian Cearnal (Cearnal Collective) and Rob Dayton (City of Santa Barbara) as they discuss how design may be able to help State Street.


10/22/2020: Food & Drink: Beer & Wine

Hear Matt Kettmann in conversation with Shaun Smith (Institution Ale) and Doug Margerum (Margerum Wine Company).


10/15/2020: Art & Artists

Hear Charles Donelan in conversation with Larry Feinburg (Santa Barbara Museum of Art) and Jonathan Fox of (Ensemble Theatre Company).


10/8/2020: Food & Drink: Multiple Concepts

Hear Matt Kettmann in conversation with Marge Cafarelli (Santa Barbara Public Market) and Brendan Searls (Mizza / 1114 Crafthouse) as they chat about their multiple concepts.


10/1/2020: Retail Wisdom

Hear Robin Elander in conversation with Ravi Chahal (7 Eleven), Ashley Hayes (Asher Market), and Anelise Nascente & Fernandoo Tessari (E-Bikery) as they chat about retail wisdom.


9/24/2020: Today’s Bar Scene

Hear Matt Kettmann in conversation with Drew Cuddy (Satellite SB) and Brandon Ristaino (The Good Lion) as they discuss today’s bar scene.


9/17/2020: Beauty Industry Pivots

Hear Robin Elander in conversation with Jorge Salgado (The Barbershop) and Fabian Hernandez (Sequel Salon) as they discuss their experiences of pivoting within the beauty industry.


9/10/2020: Opening During a Pandemic

Hear Matt Kettmann in conversation with Eva Umejido of Taquería Santa Barbara and Sven Dybdahl of Viva Oliva as they discuss their experiences of opening a business during a pandemic.


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