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McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream - 728 State Street

Step right into this Santa Barbara original, McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream has been serving Santa Barbarians since 1949. With their quirky-rustic look, McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream opened a fun and bustling parlor, right in the heart of Downtown on State Street. This ‘scoop shop’ offers so many amazing flavors that pair very well with on another. Our favorite part about going to McConnell’s is the ability to create your own ice cream sandwiches. Taking a fresh chocolate chip cookie, I ask the crafters to add in one large scoop of the ‘Turkish Coffee’ flavor. Only through tasting their ice cream, will you be able to truly appreciate their use of fresh and natural ingredients. To learn more about McConnell’s history and alternate locations, visit: https://mcconnells.com/




Cold Stone Creamery - 504 State Street

An international ice cream lover’s favorite, Cold Stone Creamery is a great place to combine your love of ice cream and cake! With freshly made ice cream in every store, your taste buds will explode with all the interesting flavors you can try. The employees were very excited about their ability to make the ice cream fresh every morning, because it shows that they are dedicated and thoughtful of their customers want of fresh ice cream. Located directly on State in Old Town Santa Barbara, Cold Stone Creamery continues to draw you in with the sweet smell of creamy goodness. Thinking of visiting Cold Stone Creamery in a different town, or looking to purchase one of their signature Ice Cream Cakes, visit:

www.coldstonecreamery.com for more information.


Rockin’ Yogurt - 620 State Street

If your sweet tooth’s been bothering you and you’re looking for a different way to enjoy ice cream, I would recommend trying out Rockin’ Yogurt. Not only is this small shop totally family operated, but they combine their frozen yogurt with           crepes! Find a new way to enjoy a cold treat, by combining some refreshing frozen yogurt with your choice of crepe. However, do pay attention to their store hours, since they only operate from 2:30pm-9:30pm Monday-Friday and 12pm-9:30pm Saturdays and Sundays.








Blenders in the Grass - 720 State Street

If you’re looking for a cool refreshing place to grab an amazing fruit smoothie, visit Blenders in the Grass on Downtown State Street. With expanding storefronts, Blenders offers their customers an array of different smoothie blends from, ‘Juicy,’ ‘Tropical,’ ‘Creamy,’ and ‘Powerful’. Each section has many smoothie flavors to choose from, alongside your choice to add one free supplement to any flavor. Our favorites are: Tropical Guava, Peach, and Peanut Butter. Blender’s is now also offering their ‘Focused Health Blends,’ giving you the opportunity to enjoy a super healthy smoothie, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, and Plant-Based. For more info, visit: https://www.drinkblenders.com/



Creamistry - 935 State Street

Creamistry, located directly on State Street downtown, is a new innovative way to create your own ice cream flavors with toppings. Creamistry uses liquid nitrogen to make their ice cream and freezes it right in front of you! With this super cool way of making fresh ice cream, the best part is that you can watch it all happen! They offer numerous amounts of flavors and toppings to choose from, so you’ll never be bored when you revisit. For more information on their liquid nitrogen process, visit their website at: https://creamistry.com/







Sweet Creams - 651 Paseo Nuevo #607

If you’re looking for some new unique ways to enjoy your ice cream, stop on by to Sweet Creams in Paseo Nuevo to enjoy some delicious creations to sweeten your taste buds. They offer some amazing ice cream creations such as the ‘Donutwich”—combining ice cream flavors and toppings in between to halves of a donut, along with ‘Cookiewich’—a scoop of your favorite ice cream in between two cookies, and ‘Baklava & Ice Cream’—combining your favorite flavors with some homemade baklava. There are also other interesting treats, such as: homemade cheesecake and ice cream and homemade waffles and ice cream. This is also a great location for children due to the huge array of options for the sweet tooth, plus they are a super fun, friendly, and welcoming shop!






Rori’s Organic Ice Cream - Inside the Public Market, 38 Victoria Street Rori’s Organic Ice Cream shop is in the Santa Barbara Market. It has an easily accessible counter with some very cute and sweet girls working to serve Rori’s          fresh and locally flavored ice creams. The girls working at the counter are very passionate about serving the best ice cream to their customers and were really excited to talk about the importance of only real and natural ingredients in their delicious ice cream. The owner, Rori, sources all her ingredients from a few local towns, including Solvang, Carpinteria, and Santa Barbara, giving her ice cream that local taste making every scoop create that feeling of being right at home. Take a stroll into the Public Market, sit down and enjoy some natural ice cream to feel your taste buds explode. And remember, “Rori isn’t just a name, she’s a person.” For more information on Rori’s handcrafted ice creams, visit: www.rorisartisanalcreamery.com



Yogurtland - 621 State Street Yogurtland is one of the best places to get frozen yogurt in Downtown Santa Barbara. They have 16 flavors out at a time with the ability to choose as many flavors as you want. There’s also an array of toppings, from fresh and fruity to dense and chocolatey—everyone’s favorite flavor is present in some way. I love how creamy and smooth their yogurt is. There is an extra level of that ‘melt in your mouth’ effect that you sometimes just don’t get with ice cream. The beautiful soft serve machines allow the customers decide exactly what to mix and exactly how much of everything they want in the Yogurtland cup. The employees are attentive kind and great about keeping the large seating area clean for the following customers. For more information on alternate locations and to play with their handy-dandy ‘Flavor Finder’ visit: https://www.yogurt-land.com/


Pressed Juicery - 651 Paseo Nuevo #305

Pressed Juicery is an amazing juice, eats, and frozen health eats bar that allows their customers to enjoy some amazingly fresh and wholesome frozen treats, without feeling too bad about the sugar intake. Pressed Juicery is completely plant-based, dairy-free, and gluten-free, using only 5 whole natural ingredients. One amazing and refreshing flavor that the employees allowed me to try was strawberry. It tasted fresh and real, with absolutely no artificial flavoring. They also have a Happy Hour @6pm, making all of their freezes (frozen juice), half off size one! Step into Pressed Juicery if you’re looking for a healthy treat! Visit www.pressedjuicery.com for more information.



ParadICE: Hawaiian Shave Ice - 11 West De La Guerra St. Unit A

ParadICE: Hawaiian Shave Ice is one of the best ways to cure the heat during the summer. With their many flavor options over shave ice, there’s a taste for everyone. ParadICE uses real fruit and organic cane sugar with purified water to create their syrups. They have an amazing staff that is very passionate about their house-made shave ice flavors. My favorite, POG, is an amazing Hawaiian flavor—mixture of: passionfruit, orange, and guava. It is one of the most popular fruit juices in Hawaii and has an amazing sweet and refreshing taste that goes great over shave ice. The owners pride themselves in being able to give their customers a cool refreshing treat with fresh ingredients. If you are interested in more information regarding their flavor process, please visit: https://www.paradiceshaveice.com/


805 Boba - 651 Paseo Nuevo #213

Are you a Boba lover looking to get your fix? Well luckily for you there’s a great Boba place located inside Paseo Nuevo! This Taiwanese tea-based drink is a great way to cool down during the hot summer months. These tea-based drinks are usually shaken/mixed with fruit or milk and the chewy tapioca balls sit at the bottom of the cup for a change in texture with the slurp of your straw. Their menu includes Boba for smoothies, tea, milk tea, slushes, and coffee drinks. Get your Boba fix with all of their great flavors! The staff is very friendly with lots of employees eager to serve you their favorite combination. For more info: http://www.805boba.com/home.html



Chocolats du CaliBressan - 1100 State St

While this famous chocolate shop is mostly known for their unique French chocolates, they also have a case with some amazing gelato! If you’re looking for more than just a cold treat, feel free to walk right on into Chocolats du CaliBressan for an amazing experience with great customer service. The employees are very friendly and happy to assist you in your gelato and chocolate making decisions. They have 12 fresh and decadent flavors to choose from giving you that dense and milky flavor and texture that all gelato connoisseurs love! Grab a scoop of some refreshing gelato while enjoying the beauty and richness of their signature French chocolates made by the owner himself! For more information on Chocolats du CaliBressan, please visit: https://www.chococalibressan.com/





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