1st Thursday Performances

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Special Performances

David à la Mode
De La Guerra Place in Paseo Nuevo, 5:00 - 8:00 PM

David à la Mode is an indie rock band making music out of Santa Barbara. Be it a warm, harmony-laden folk tune or a rowdy, overdriven headbanger, it'll be catchy, relatable, and will hopefully put a big smile on your face. Maybe someday David à la Mode will fall neatly into a musical niche. Or maybe they won't. It might be more fun that way.

The Art Crawl
1130 State Street, 5:30 pm

One of Art Crawl’s original founders, Andi Garcia is a passionate warrior for Santa Barbara arts. She is the perfect person to track down hidden gems, and off-the-beaten-track locations for this curated Art Crawl. Meet Andi at the steps to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art at 5:30 pm, and wear comfy shoes so you can crawl in comfort. 


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