Annual New Years Cleanse with Dr. Lynn

Healing Through Cleansing: Mind, Body and Soul REGISTRATION DEADLINE: DEC 15 This New Years cleanse program will help you tune into the true essence of your health. This is a great way to shed the toxins of the last few years, this year's holiday unhealthy habits and start the new year on a clean and healthy slate. This cleanse program includes: A 30 page detox booklet and detox kit complete with recipes, menus and healing therapies. 7-10 days of Detox Supplements Optional discounted Yoga Classes. A special code for a discounted $90 5 Class Pack (regularly $110) will be included in your registration email. Classes will be fun interactive personal journeys to explore your physical, mental and emotional health. How can you benefit from this program? Our society is full of toxins in the foods we eat, the air we breathe, chemicals in cleaning solutions, our own bowel toxins-Everything we ingest must be detoxified by the liver in order to remove the toxin from our bodies. We need the right antioxidants, vitamins, minerals to bind the toxins so they can be excreted. If we do not have those nutrients, the toxins then become stored in our tissues. A detoxification when done properly floods the body with live nutrients(through juices/ Whole Foods/ fiber) and pulls the toxins out of the tissues. The toxins are then bound with detoxifying supplements/ antioxidants so they may be bound and excreted. Through detoxification your cells are renewed and your glands are restored to their highest functioning state. This transformation allows hormones to balance, Your nervous system to calm and the body and brain to become clear and your memory enhanced.



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