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Salmon-Parma on Black Ciabatta @ Oppi’z

Release Date: January 13,2020

State Street Italian Bistro Adds Brunch and Pasta to the Menu


Enjoy pasta and brunch at Oppi’z

Brunch and pasta are now on the menu at Oppi’z Bistro and Natural Pizza, where Italian immigrant Guido Oppizzi serves unconventional Italian cuisine, such as “black dough” pizzas with activated charcoal in the crust. He’s taken that technique into toast, serving marinated salmon from the Santa Barbara Fish Market, prosciutto di Parma, pickled mushrooms and onions, and garlic aioli atop black ciabatta ($18). Pair that with a bubbly cocktail full of Villa Sandi Prosecco DOC, such as the refreshing Bellini.

But Oppizzi is passionate about tradition too, as found in his use of Italian flour in the pastas, such as the savory ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach and topped with fried butter and sage ($22). His tagliatelle pasta includes ragù prepared according to the original recipe made by the Chamber of Commerce in Bologna ($16). The same sauce is used in the mouth-watering homemade lasagna ($23). 

No matter the dish, Oppizzi always considers three factors, explaining, “It must be healthy, it must be high quality, and it must be authentic.”