State Street Promenade Market

Every Thursday 3:00 PM -7:30 PM (Starting 1/14/2021)

The Downtown Santa Barbara Organization is excited to announce a new collaboration with the City of Santa Barbara, a State Street Promenade Market between Carrillo and Figueroa streets, that will open November 5, to coincide with daylight savings time,  be open for the holidays and continue throughout the year every Thursday from 3-7:30 pm.

This new market will highlight downtown businesses and local artisans and utilize the newly created State Street Promenade as well as the holiday lights that will go up November 1st! 

“Our ultimate goal is to have a lively Thursday afternoon/evening gathering that locals can enjoy with their families and as well as enjoy temporary art and light installations and sample downtown food and drink. When permissible we look to add live music as well. We want to create and enjoyable space where locals can and meet and mingle with local chefs and business owners and catch up with friends,” said Interim Downtown Santa Barbara Executive Director Robin Elander.

“To start, the market will be strictly an artisan and local goods market will not have entertainment due to public health guidelines, and everyone will be required to wear a mask, and social distance, but as the public health restrictions  change, we will continue to ramp up the flavor and energy,” said Elander. 

“The City applauds the Downtown SB Organization for creating an event where everyone in the community feels safe and welcome, and it’s a fun way to enjoy downtown and support our local businesses,” said Jason Harris, the City of Santa Barbara’s Economic Development Manager.  

The Promenade Market will be located on the 1000 block of State Street between Carrillo and Figueroa streets and may expand to additional blocks overtime.

Although this year the Downtown Santa Barbara Organization is unable to put on the annual holiday parade in December or host our regular 1st Thursday events due to COVID-19, we are happy to initiate this new Thursday market place that celebrates the contributions of our local business and arts community.

The marketplace will be located on the 1000 block of State Street between the blocks of Carrillo Street and Figueroa Street and expand to additional blocks as it grows.


  • Vendor spots will be curated by a Market Coordinator with a focus on supporting our downtown business community as well as local artists.

  • Businesses located on the streets of the market (1000 block and likely 900 block of State Street) of course will be able to participate for free and will be heavily marketed shall they be open and want to participate. 

  • Businesses in the Downtown District that would like to participate that are not on the blocks of the market will also be invited to set up shop as long as they don’t conflict with existing on street businesses, but must fill out an application.

  • Artisans and businesses outside of the downtown district cost will be $125 every 3 weeks, with the first week free or $50 per week.

  • Vendors that are selected to participate, will be required to send out marketing materials created by Downtown Santa Barbara via social media and email to support with collectively marketing the new market in order assist in making sure the public is aware of it and better ensuring it’s success.


  • All vendors will be able to get a free logo or image and website on a special page of the Downtown Santa Barbara website, that will promote the market.

  • Downtown Santa Barbara will send out press releases to the local media, create “swipe files” so you can easily use in your social media to promote your participation

  • Downtown Santa Barbara will also create a promo video about the market that will be distributed to the community via our Instagram (20,300 followers) and Facebook (11,000 followers) as well as our e-newsletter 5000+ subscribers and also distribute to our partners to spread the word.

  • DSB will create postcards for distribution in local shops and hotels and place ads in local papers as funding and sponsorships allow.

  • DSB and the City of Santa Barbara will provide special market lighting to enhance the atmosphere for visitors

  • DSB will provide free hand sanitizer to market participants while supplies last.

  • DSB will curate additional temporary art activities, music and more for the market as Covid conditions become favorable. 


 State Street Promenade Market - Artisan Vendor Application 

 State Street Promenade Market - Downtown Business Member Application 


Market Sponsors: It takes a village; become a market sponsor and promote your business! Email to learn more about sponsorship benefits.

Volunteers: If you are interested in signing up as a volunteer email



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