Healing Your Inner Child with Rachel Petkus

Did you know your Inner Child has a Light side and a Shadow side? We'll dive deep into 9 shadow aspects of the Inner Child that can cause us to have weak personal boundaries, can influence us into addictive behaviors and can create friction in relationships. The wounded Inner Child is the primary driver behind the majority of our relationship problems. In this workshop, with guided meditation and journaling, you'll discover what the Inner Child is, how it's shadow side gets created, exactly how it causes problems in your relationships (without you knowing it) and what you can do about it. In this course, we'll cover the subtle ways we react in our day-to-day lives and look at some of the consequences they create. Then we'll examine what it really means to Respond to Life, the blessings for doing so, and how we can get better at it. By the time you finish this course, you will have: • Discovered your own Inner child • Learned how to re-connect with it • Clarified some of it's genuine needs, and... • You will have learned HOW to fulfill those needs so that your Child Within can become whole again. By healing your Inner Child, you will know yourself better, feel more secure, have a happier life and more fulfilling relationships



Yoga Soup
28 Parker Way

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  • Saturday, Dec 10, 20222-5 pm


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