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While Alchemy Wellness Spa has a strong affinity with the ancient knowledge of Chinese medicine, we recognize there are many routes to enhancing the uplifted human experience.
We aim to bridge the gap between ancient healing sciences and contemporary ideas about health. We believe the path of a healthy and vital existence can be a pleasurable experience, and both the relaxation aspects of our therapeutic treatments and our delicious and nourishing food reflect this.
We have created this urban retreat and wellness center because we believe there is a desire among people worldwide to live a more self-fulfilled life, or at least to improve the quality of their life experience.
Quality-of-life improvement is sought for many different reasons: a need to be healthier, to lose weight, to have increased energy, to eliminate stress or pain, or simply to be pampered.
It might be performance related: how can I become more effective at work, how can I improve my mental acuity, or how can I become a better competitor?
It may be less definite… more spiritual… the search for greater connection or a sense of fulfillment. While many people seek life satisfaction by making changes in their material world, Alchemy Wellness Spa believes lasting results are best achieved by also transforming the inner world. Our treatments and services tend to both the inner experience and the physical body.
We have developed our Wellness Programs with the intention of guiding you towards optimal health and levels of energy, as well as educating you to make better diet and lifestyle choices. Our aim is to work with you to achieve your health goals, and to facilitate the changes necessary to increase your quality of life through diet, health treatments and bodywork.
To make the most of your opportunity to transform your health, take this time to truly focus on yourself. The Alchemy Wellness Spa team will do all we can to help you achieve your health goals. For optimal results, your own resolute commitment and positive attitude towards your transformation will make all the difference. We are here to support and guide you in any way we can.
What happens at Alchemy Wellness Spa​

We are a Spa and Wellness Center designed to support you in creating a healthy lifestyle right here and right now. Alchemy offers a full spectrum of healing services including massage, organic skincare, yoga, acupuncture, cleansing programs, and a full service organic vegetarian Cafe.
We aim to bridge the gap between ancient healing sciences and modern medical advances. The path to wellness begins with healthy food, which leads to healthy energy, which creates healthy body, mind, and eventually spirit. Utilizing the best of East and West, we help you begin your journey to Wellness.
A typical day at Alchemy might begin with a juice or smoothie, continue with a yoga or stretching class, then culminate with a treatment package and a delicious lunch or dinner in the Cafe. Our goal is to create a customized Urban Retreat for each and every guest, guiding you to choose the foods, classes, and services that will nourish and support you to regain a natural state of balance, and to help you create a sustainable plan for a healthier lifestyle.


Spas and Salons



35 W Haley St
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Phone: (805) 899-8811


Spa: M-W, Fri & Sat- 9am-6pm
1st & 2nd Thurs 9-8pm
3rd & 4th Thurs 9-6pm
Sun 9-5pm

Cafe: 9-5pm Everyday, 1st Thurs 9-8pm
Hours subject to change seasonally


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